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92 Popular Children Stories

92 Popular Children Stories

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Long time ago., there lived a poor widow in West Sumatra. Her name was Mande Rubiah. She lived with her son. His name was Malin Kundang. She loved her son very much.

When Malin Kundang was fifteen years old, he worked as a porter on a merchant ship. He had been abroad for many years but he didn’t send any news to his mother. His mother missed him.

The captain of the ship liked him because he worked very hard. When he was older the captain asked him to marry his daughter. He worked even more successfully so that when the captain died he got all of the captain’s wealth and he also became the new captain. He was very rich but unfortunately he became too proud and arrogant because of his wealth.

One day, Malin Kundang’s ship dropped anchor at the Batang Arau Harbor. Then his mother, who had been waiting for years, heard about this. She went to the ship to see her beloved son. But what happened ? Malin Kundang did not want to admit that Mande Rubiah was his mother. He knew it but he was too arrogant to do it. He did not want his beautiful wife see the old and ugly woman coming to him as his mother. He even scolded her and asked his guards to send her away.

His mother was very sad. She sorrowfully knelt down to pray to god, “Oh, God, I know he is my son. But why has turned so wicked ? Please, God, don’t let this wickedness continue. Punish him as You wish !”

Then when the ship sailed, suddenly the sky turned dark, and a strong wind blew the ship violently. Malin Kundang and all of his guards were drowned. The ship turned upside down and it immediately turned into a stone.

Now, when we go to the beach near Padang we can see a rock which looks like a ship. People say that it was Malin Kundang’s ship.


Once upon the time, there was a princess called Snow White. Her hair was black and long. Her skin was white like snow. Her cheek was red like blood. She was beautiful.

Unfortunately, when she was a child her mother was death. Then, she lived with her stepmother, the princess Elfira. She was very mean. She had a mirror. It could talk. The princess Elfira loved it, because it always answered her question that she was the most beautiful woman in the world.

One day, the princess Elfira asked the mirror, but the mirror answered that Snow White was the most beautiful woman in the world. She was very angry and she hated Snow White. She wanted to kill her.

Because of her stepmother, Snow White lived in a forest, with seven dwarfs. They loved Snow White and she loved them. The princess Elfira didn’t stop to catch her. She wanted to kill her. She came to the forest as a comb seller, then as a match seller, and the last as an apple seller. Snow White ate the apple, and she was dead because it was poisonous.

Fortunately, a young handsome prince came. He wanted to bring Snow White to his castle. Snow White could vomit up the apple from her mouth, and she was alive.

At last, Snow White and the handsome prince were happily married. The princess Elfira was dead because she had accident when she wanted to kill Snow White.


Once upon a time, there was a king. He wished to marry Dewi Sekartaji. Dewi Sekartaji was the wife of Panji Asmoro Bangun. Then the king kidnapped her. Fortunately, the god Narada saved Dewi Sekartaji. He turned her into a golden snail, Keong Emas. The god told Keong Emas to drift along the river in order to find her husband, Panji Asmoro Bangun.

One day, a poor old widow, Mbok Rondo Dadapan fished along the river. She fuond the golden snail and took it home. There, she put the snail in a jar and took good care of it. All of a sudden, unexpected good things took place in Mbok Rondo’s life.

Every time Mbok Rondo came back from her daily fishing, she found delicious dishes on the table. The house was cleaned. She could not resist the temptation. She wanted to find out who the mysterious kind person was. So, one day, instead of fishing, she peeped through a hole in the wall of her house.

She saw a beautiful princess. The princess was coming out of the jar and starting to clean the house. The next day, without wasting any time, Mbok Rondo rushed into the house. She smashed the jar. The princess could not turn back into a snail. Then, Mbok Rondo adopted her.

Menwhile, Raden Panji Asmoro Bangun, searching for his wife, wandered from one village to another. Finally, he found his beloved wife. They went back to their kingdom, taking the good Mbok Rondo along with them.


Once upon a time, there was a beautiful princess who had a golden ball. She lived in a palace with her father and her seven sisters. Every day she played with her ball in the garden of the palace.

At the end of the garden, there was a deep, dark lake. When the weather was hot, the princess liked playing near the lake.

Unfortunately, one day she dropped her golden ball into the water. She was very unhappy and she sat on the grass and started to cry.

Suddenly she heard a voice, ”Don’t cry, princess.” She opened her eyes and saw a large green frog. “Oh, please help me !’ she said, “I can’t get my ball.” “I will help you,” said the frog,” if I can come and live with you in the palace.!” Yes, yes, of course. I promise,” said the princess.

So, the frog jumped into the water and came back with the ball. The princess laughed and took the ball. She ran quickly back to the palace and forgot all about the frog.

The frog was very angry. He followed the princess into the palace and told his story to the king.” A promise is a promise,” said the frog. “ Yes,” said the king and called his daughter. “ A promise is a promise, my daughter. Take this frog to your room and look after him carefully.”

The princess cried again, but she took the frog and put him on her bed. The frog looked at her and said quietly.” Please kiss me, Princess” She closed her eyes and kissed him.

Immediately, the frog turned into a handsome prince. Of course, he and the princess fell in love. One week later they married and they lived happily ever after.


One day, a lion slept in the jungle. A tiny mouse ran over the lion’s head and down his nose. The lion awoke with a loud roar. He was very angry. His paw caught the little mouse.

The lion opened his huge jaws to swallow the mouse. “Pardon me, O king, I beg of you,” cried the frightened mouse. “If you will only forgive me this time, I shall never forget your kindness. I meant no harm and I certainly didn’t want to disturb your majesty.

“If you will spare my life, perhaps I may be able to do you a good turn too.” The lion began to laugh, and he laughed and laughed. ”How could a tiny creature like you ever do anything to help me ?” And he shook with laughter.

“Oh well,” he shrugged, looking down at the frightened mouse, “you’re not so much of a meal any way.” He took his paw off the poor little prisoner and the mouse quickly scampered away.

Some time after this, some hunters, trying to capture the lion alive. They set rope nets in the jungle. The lion fell into the trap. He roared and thrashed.

His thunderous bellows echoed through the jungle. The tiny mouse heard the lion’s roars.

“That may be the lion who once freed me,” he said, remembering his promise. And he ran to see whether he could help.

Discovering the sad state the lion was in, the mouse said to him, “Stop, stop! You must not roar. If you make so much noise, the hunters will come and capture you. I’ll get you out of this trap.”

With his sharp little teeth the mouse gnawed at the ropes until they broke. The lion had stepped out of the net and was free. Then the mouse said ”Now, was I right?”

“Thank you, good mouse,” said the lion gently. ”You did help me even though I am big and you are so little. I see that kindness is always worth while.”


Once upon a time, there was a mouse deer lived in a jungle. The mouse deer was a clever animal. He was also very confident. He never be afraid of other animals, although they were big and fierce, because he always cheated them all.

One day, he walked around the jungle. Suddenly, he stopped his step. He looked around the jungle. Suddenly, he stopped his step. He looked at the sky. It would rain. He was frightened. He ran quickly. He didn’t notice that there was a big hole in front of him. He plunged into the hole. ”Oh ..I’m near death !” said the mouse deer. He thought hard how to get out from the hole. He tried to jump, but he couldn’t.

After long enough waiting and trying, he heard the sound of heavy steps. There was an elephant came. The mouse deer invited the elephant. He told the elephant that the world was going to end. He asked the elephant to look at the sky. The sky was going to collapse and fall to the ground. The elephant looked at the sky and he was sure, because he never looked at it before. Suddenly, the clouds are moving. The mouse deer said that it was a sign that the sky going to fall. The elephant was frightened.

The mouse deer asked the elephant to get down and safe himself in the safe place. He went down into the hole slowly. The mouse deer said that he would tell the other animals about the news. He asked the elephant to sit down. Then, he leaped on to his back and up on to the ground.

Only in a short time the mouse deer was already on the ground. He ran quickly into the jungle. He left the elephant alone in the hole . “Bye …. Bye…. The stupid elephant,” said the mouse deer.


There was a porcupine named Landi. He was lonely. No one wanted to play with him because they were afraid of his spikes.

“Dear Landi. We don’t want to play with you because your spikes are too sharp. We don’t want you to hurt us,” said Cici the rabbit one day. ”Cici is right, Landi. It is not because you are bad or rude to us. No, Landi ! Just because of your spikes. They will stab us when we come close to you,” said Tito the roster.

Landi felt lonely. He murmured, “Why don’t they want to play with me?” Landi spent most of the time day dreaming at the river bank. “I would have lots of friends and play with them if no spikes were on my body. I would be happy. I would not be lonely like this. What a shame!”

Suddenly, Kuku the turtle appeared from the river. He came to Landi and said, “Landi, what are you thinking of ?” “Oh, nothing,” Landi replied. “Don’t lie to me, Landi. Please tell me your problem. Who knows I can help you,” Kuku said wisely. Then he sat beside Landi. He wasn’t afraid of Landi’s spikes.

Shortly, Landi told Kuku his problem. Kuku nodded his head. He said, ”Poor you. But it is not your fault. I know, your spikes are very useful and helpful to you. Your friends will realize it some day. Trust me, Landi.”

“Thanks, Kuku. You’re really my best friend. You are the only one here who wants to be my friend.”

One day, Sam the frog held his birthday party. He invited all his friends, including Landi. But he decided not to come. He didn’t want to mess up the party.

“I will come with you, Landi. ”I’ll tell everyone that you are harmless,” said Kuku. Finally, Landi attended the party. Everyone enjoyed it.

Suddenly, Tito ran here and there screaming, ”Help…. Help…..! The evil wolf is coming. Save yourselves !” Then everyone ran to save their lives, except Kuku and Landi. Kuku pulled his head and legs into his shell. Landi rolled his body into a ball.

Unintentionally, the evil wolf stepped his foot on Landi. Of course, the spikes pricked him. He screamed, “Ouch!’ Since his foot was bleeding, he didn’t chase Landi’s friends any longer. Then he ran away.

“Horray …. Horray ….! Long live Landi ! He saved our lives,” said Cici and her friends. Everyone shook Landi’s hand and thanked him. From then on, Landi wasn’t lonely anymore. His friends knew that his spikes would not hurt anyone, unless they wanted to hurt Landi.


Once upon the time, there was a strange bear who lived in a jungle. He had five feet. But all animals who lived with him didn’t feel strange. The five footed bear liked to help other animals. His home was open for anyone who wanted to stay.

One afternoon, when the five footed bear went home, he found a rabbit under a mahogany tree. The rabbit looked hungry. Then the five footed bear brought him to his home.

The next day, when the five footed bear was looking for meal, the rabbit helped him clean up the house. While the rabbit was working, a monkey and a mouse deer came quietly. They pretended to be robbers. They wanted to disturb the rabbit.

The rabbit was frightened. The monkey and the mouse deer tied up the rabbit’s legs and plugged his mouth. Fortunately the five footed bear came and released him. The rabbit was upset because the bear wasn’t angry with the monkey and the mouse deer. In fact, the five footed bear let them live in his house.

On the next day, the monkey and the mouse deer asked the rabbit to forgive them. They helped him clean up the house. In the evening when the bear was coming home, he brought them meals and a new friend. The monkey and the mouse deer were very afraid knowing who the new friend was. He was a tiger. But the rabbit wasn’t afraid. The tiger was one of the rabbit’s best friends. The monkey and the mouse deer were very embarrassed. That was the cleverness of the five footed bear. He wanted to make them aware of their bad habit of frightening the rabbit. Then they sat and enjoyed their dinner together.


A long time ago, there lived a young couple, a man and his wife. His wife was expecting their baby. She wanted a plant that only grew in her neighbor’s garden. She wanted it so much. She even intended to steal it herself, but later on, she sent her husband to steal it.

Unfortunately, mother Gothel, the owner of the garden caught him doing it. She was a witch. Then. Mother Gothel forced the couple to give their first baby to her.

A few months later, the baby was born. It was a girl and named Rapunzel. Soon, this baby was taken away to live with mother Gothel. Rapunzel grew to be a beautiful young girl with her long golden hair. At first she was cared for in a normal way. When she reached puberty, she was locked in a tower so that she would never leave mother Gothel. The tower stood in the forest. It could only be entered by climbing on Rapunzel’s long hair. To cheer herself up, she loved to sing.

One day, a young prince was out hunting. He stumbled upon the tower. He heard Rapunzel’s beautiful voice. He decided that he must meet her. He spied and, by watching mother Gothel., learned the words he had to say to have Rapunzel drop her hair. The prince visited her often and the two fell in love.

Then, Rapunzel made a plan to escape from the tower. She wanted to be with the prince. She asked the prince to bring her a skein of silk each time he visited. She might weave a ladder for her escape. Unfortunately, mother Gothel caught on. Then, she banished Rapunzel to the desert. She threw the prince from the tower into a thorny bush. The thorns made the prince blind and he roamed the earth searching for his love.

Eventually, they found each other, and the prince’s eyes were healed by Rapunzel’s tears of happiness.


There was once a crow who did not like his feathers. He looked at himself, then he would say,” I wish I were a peacock !” “ You are beautiful as you are ! “ the other crows insisted.

“ How plain and dull you seem to me !’ he’d complain and fly off to admire peacocks. The peacocks strutted about with their colorful tail feathers outstretched. To the delight of the crow, some of the peacock feathers laid on the ground when the peacocks left.

Crow flew down to the ground and stuck the feathers into his wings and tail. He attached a few sticking up from his head. ”Now I am as beautiful as a peacock,” he said.

But, when he went to join them in their strutting, the peacocks poked him and pecked him. What a fuss ! “You are not a peacock,” they said. “Don’t imitate us !”

Bruised and still dragging some broken peacock feathers in his tail, he returned home. He flew in desperate and sadness.

After all his insults, no one wanted his company ! He felt so lonely.

As he sat alone, the other crows said, “It’s foolish to try and be what you’re not. Learn to love the feathers you’ve got !”


Long time ago, on the island of Roti there lived an old woman. She was a widow. She only lived with her grandson. There were only the two of them on the island. They lived in an old hut.

The boy had no parents anymore. And you know, he didn’t know what had happened to them. His grandmother never told him about it. Actually, the old woman had no heart to tell the truth about his parents.

For their living, they grew some crops behind their hut. It produced only a small quantity of rice. But … there was always enough food for them. Then, for other food the old woman had to go to the sea, to catch the fish. And every time the woman went out fishing, the boy had to stay at home and prepared the food.

However, one day the boy could not hold it any longer. He said to his grandmother, ”Please granny, let me go with you. I would like to catch the fish too.” “No, dear,: the woman replied, ”It is too dangerous. Just stay at home and cook the rice for us. Remember, take only one grain. ”Then, she went away.

There was the boy, left all alone, in a great disappointment. He sat around the house. He wondered why his grandmother never allowed him to the sea. He thought, “Hmmm.. why did granny never let me go with her ? I know that I’m strong enough. And of course , I’m not afraid of the waves.” He couldn’t find the answer. Then, he remembered that he had to cook rice. While doing this, he talked to himself, “Why is there only one grain ? How can it be enough food for us ? Granny must be joking.” So, he poured several handfuls of rice into the pot and cooked it. A few moment later, as he thought it was the time to take the pot off the fire, he lifted the lid. “My Goddess !” he exclaimed. ”What’s happening ?”There was a stream of hot porridge flowing out of the pot. It kept flowing and flowing . The boy ran looking for his grandmother . Finding her, he told what he had done. His grandmother got angry. Then, she took a piece of wood and beat him on the head. The boy was in pain and the beating left black and blue bruises. No matter how the boy begged for forgiveness, the woman kept beating on him. Suddenly the boy disappeared. The woman looked for him everywhere , but she couldn’t fine him . Then she heard a voice. “Goodbye, granny! You are all alone now. There will nobody to help you from now on.” From that time, the people of Roti never beat their children or any other people on the head. and beat him on the head. The boy was in pain and the beating left black and blue bruises. No matter how the boy begged for forgiveness, the woman kept beating on him. Suddenly the boy disappeared. The woman looked for him everywhere , but she couldn’t fine him . Then she heard a voice. “Goodbye, granny ! You are all alone now. There will nobody to help you from now on.” From that time, the people of Roti never beat their children or any other people on the head


Once upon a time there was a girl named Cinderella. She lived with her bad stepmother and two stepsisters. She had to do all the household chores.

One day, the king invited all the ladies in the kingdom to go to a ball in the palace. He wanted to find the crown princess a wife.

The stepsisters went to the ball that night with their mother. Cinderella was left alone. She cried because she actually wanted to go to the ball, too.

Just then a fairy godmother came with her magic wand, she gave Cinderella a coach, two horses, and footmen. She also gave Cinderella a lovely dress to wear to the ball and a pair of glass slippers. She told Cinderella to come home before midnight.

At the ball, Cinderella danced all night with the prince. The prince fell in love with her. At midnight, Cinderella ran home. Unfortunately, one of her glass slippers slipped off at the door. She didn’t have time to put it back on. The prince was sad as he could not find Cinderella again that night.

The next day, the prince and his men brought along the glass slipper. They went all over the kingdom to search for the owner.

After searching for a long time, finally, they came to Cinderella’s house. The slipper fit her. The prince was very happy to find Cinderella again. They got married and lived happily ever after.


One day, Daisy decided to buy Donald a new hat. ”Your hat is so old- fashioned !” she said. “ Come on, I’ll buy you a new one.”

Donald knew that Daisy was right, so he agreed to go to a hat shop. As they went in, Daisy took off his old hat.” Hey, what’s going on ?” asked Donald.

“I’m taking off your old hat because it’s so ugly. We don’t want the assistant to see you wearing it, do we ?” said Daisy. Donald just said,” Er… no ….. I mean, you’re right, we don’t

In fact, Donald was very fond of his old hat, although he didn’t mind getting a new one if Daisy paid for it. The trouble was this: there wasn’t any hat in the shop that Donald liked. He tried many hats, but he felt that all the hats looked silly on him.

The shop assistant was getting tired of serving Donald, but he took another hat and showed it to him. “What about this one, Sir?’ I’m sure you’ll like it.”

“I quite agree !” said Donald happily. Do you know why ? Because that hat looked exactly the same as his old one ! Poor Daisy, she wasn’t very happy, but she had to pay for that hat. She promised she would buy a new hat for Donald, didn’t she ?


Little mouse lived in a beautiful little house. One day, when she was sweeping the floor, she found a coin.

She said,” With this coin, I’m going to buy a nice red bow for my hair. I”ll look beautiful !” She was really beautiful with the red bow in her hair. She sat next to the window so that everybody could see her.

“Little mouse, you do look pretty,” said the donkey.” Will you marry me ?” And she asked, “What will you do at night ?” “I will bray like this,” said the donkey. And he brayed. “ Oh, no, I’ll get frightened,” said the mouse.

Then the dog asked her, “ Little mouse, you do look beautiful. Why don’t you marry me ?” “ What will you do at night ?” asked mouse “ I’ll bark like this,” said the dog. And he barked.

“ Oh, no, I’ll get frightened,” said the mouse.

Finally, the cat asked her, ”Beautiful little mouse, will you marry me ?” “ and what will you do at night ?” asked the mouse. “I’ll sing like this,” said the cat. And he sang a beautiful song. “ Yes, I will marry you ,” said the mouse.

So they get married, but on their wedding night, guess what! The cat did not sing his beautiful song. He ate the vain little mouse


On a hot day, a thirsty crow flew over a field looking for a water. For along time, she could not find any. She felt very exhausted, almost giving up. Suddenly, she saw a water jug below her, she flew straight down to see if there was any water inside the jug!.

The crow tried to push her head into the jug. Sadly, she found that the neck of the jug was too narrow. Then she tried to push the jug down for the water to flow out but she found that the jug was too heavy.

The crow thought hard for a while. Then looking around her, she saw some pebbles. She suddenly had a good idea. She started picking up the pebbles one by one, dropping each into the jug. As more and more pebbles filled the jug, the water level kept rising. Soon it was high enough for the crow to drink. “Its working ! “ she said.


There was once a little fly that thought he was very important. One sunny morning, he flew around looking for someone to talk to. He saw a bull grazing in a field. He decided to fly down to talk to him.

The little fly flew down and buzzed around the bull’s head. The bull did not bother with him. He went on chewing grass. The fly then buzzed right inside the bull’s ear. The bull continued chewing grass.

Now the fly decided to land on one of the bull’s horns to make the bull notice him. He waited for the bull to say something, but the bull kept quite.

The fly then shouted angrily, “Oh bull, if you find that I am too heavy for you, let me know and I’ll fly away!”

The bull laughed and said, “Little fly, I don’t care if you stay or leave. You are so tiny that your weight does not make any difference to me, so please be quite and leave me alone”.


A shepherd boy was looking after his sheep on a hill. He felt bored being alone on a hill. Then, he thought of a way to make some fun.

While the villagers were busy working, they heard a boy shouting, “Help! Help! Help! A wolf is attacking my sheep!”

“That sounds from the shepherd boy. He is in trouble. Let’s go and help him,” said the villagers and rushed towards the hill. They were very surprise when they did not see any wolves on the hill.

“Where’s the wolf ?” they asked.

The boy fell back and started laughing. The villagers realized that the boy had played a trick. They were angry and went back to work.

The next day, the villagers heard the shepherd boy shouting for help again. They rushed towards the hill, and again the boy laughed at them.

On the third day, a wolf really came and attacked the sheep. the top of his voice. But nobody bothered him this time. The villagers thought that the boy was trying to fool them again. The boy watched sadly as the wolf killed all his sheep.


A fox and a stork lived as neighbors. The fox were wild and clever. He thought that the stork was dull because he never spoke much. “ You look so odd, “he would always tell the stork who would listen quietly and not say a word.

One day, the fox suddenly told the stork, “You must come and dine with me today,” smiling to himself at the trick he was going to play on the stork.

The stork was happy to accept the invitation and arrived in time to have a delicious dinner. He was hungry and was sure that the fox had prepared a good meal for him.

For dinner, the fox served sup, and it was served to the stork a very shallow bowl. The stork could only wet the tip of his bill. He could not eat a drop of the soup. But the fox enjoyed the soup and finish it all.

The hungry stork go home really angry. Yet, he did not show his anger to the fox. He kept stay calm.

A few days later, the stork invited the fox over the dinner


Once upon a time in Lombok, there was a kingdom named Kuripan. The king of Kuripan was very wise. He had a daughter, named Mandalika. She was so beautiful. Many princes wanted to marry her. To choose the one that would be his son-in-low, the king had an arrow shooting competition. The best one would be Mandalika’s husband.

On the day of the competition, those princes shot their arrows. All of them did it perfectly. The king found it difficult to choose. Therefore, the princes began to fight and kill each other.

Princess Mandalika was so desperate. She didn’t want anyone killing each other because of her. That’s why she decided to go to the sea. She dead in the south sea of Lombok. The king and princes were sad and felt guilty. They regretted and stopped fighting.

Until now, one day in every year, usually in February or March, people go to the south sea. On that day, a great number of worms nyale . People believe that those nyale are Princess Mandalika’s hair.


A long time ago in Prambanan palace lived a king named Baka with his beautiful daughter Roro Jongrang. Many rulers wanted to marry Roro Jongrang, so they competed for her. When Bandung Bondowoso conquered Prambanan., he killed King Baka in a battle.

Bandung Bodowoso let Roro Jongrang live, but she was supposed to marry Bandung. She refused, making Bandung humiliated and offended. Roro Jongrang struggled to escape, but it was in vain.

Finally Roro agreed to marry Bandung, but on one condition. Bandung had to present a big wonderful palace with one thousand sculptures in it. And he had to finish it before the sun rose. He agreed.

Bandung immediately called his invisible friends for help. They did what their master ordered. Knowing it, Roro was worried. It appeared they would finish the work before morning, and would not stop.

What can I do? Roro thought in a panic. Suddenly she had an idea. She awoke her maids and nannies, and asked them to do their daily routines as if morning had come. They also made shadow as if there was a sun in the sky.

Bandung was surprised. The sky was red, the roosters crowed, and the people pounded rice. Meanwhile the job had not been finished. The evil spirits disappeared because they were scared of light.

Bandung was there alone. When he found out that Roro had used tricks , he cursed her. He turned her into a stone, which completed the temples. Even today, the statue of Roro Jongrang remains in the temple


Once there were three bears that lived in a house in the words :a pap bear, a mama bear, and a baby bear. One morning they decided to take a walk before breakfast to let their porridge cool.

A little girl named Goldilocks lived with her mother nearby. Goldilocks took a walk through the woods and found the bear’s house. She smiled the porridge in the kitchen and went inside. Goldilocks tasted the porridge in each bowl and finally ate up the porridge in the small bowl.

The she sat on a big chair, but she didn’t like it, because it was hard. Afterwards she sat on the small chair, and it was just right. But while she was sitting on it she broke it. After eating the porridge, Goldilocks felt full and sleepy, then she went upstairs. At there she found a small bed. She lay down on it and fell asleep.

While she was sleeping, the three bears came home. When they went into the kitchen , they got very surprised. Someone had tasted their porridge, even eaten up baby bear’s porridge, while they were taking a walk. Moreover the poor baby bear was upset when he found that his little chair broke into pieces. When they went upstairs , they found out that Goldilocks was sleeping. Baby bear cried out “ someone has been sleeping in my bed and here she is!”

Goldilocks woke up when she saw the three bears, she jumped out of bed and ran out of the house to her home. Never again did she make herself at home in anyone else’s house.

22. A Silver Fish

One day a poor fisherman caught a silver fish, “ Please let me go “! Said the fish , and I’ll give you three whishes”. The fisherman didn’t want to eat the talking fish , so he let it go. When the fisherman reached home, he told his wife what happened. “ Why didn’t you fish for anything ?” go and ask it to change our hut into a cottage!” she shouted.

So he fisherman went to the sea shore and called the fish. Then, the fisherman said what his wife want to the fish . For a few days fishermen’s wife was happy in the cottage. Then she said that she didn’t want to live in a cottage anymore. She wanted to live in a castle.

Again she got her wish, after a few days she got tired of living in the castle. She wanted to be queen of the country. The silver fish gave her wish, but it was the last wish. So, she become queen of the country. But it wasn’t enough for her. She wanted to be a queen of the whole world.

The fisherman tried to tell her that they had no more wishes but she wouldn’t listen, “ Your wife is very greedy “! She will get what she “serves “said the fish.

When the fisherman went home, he found the palace changed back into his old house.


Dolphins are sea mammals. They have to breathe air or their will die. They are members of the Delphinidae family.

Dolphins have smooth skin. Only baby dolphins are born with a few bristly hairs on their snouts. The hairs soon fall out. They have a long tail warm and the fin on the top of their backs keeps the dolphin from rolling over. The female dolphins have a thick layer of fat under their skin to keep them when they dive very deep. The dolphin’s front fins are called flippers. They use them to turn left and right. Dolphins grow from 2 to 3 meters long and weigh up to 75 kilograms.

Dolphins hunt together in a group. A group of dolphins is called a pod. They eat fish, shrimps and small squid. They live in salt water oceans. Dolphins can hold their breath for six minutes.

When dolphins hear or see a ship close by they go near it and follow it from many kilometers. Dolphins can leap out of the water and do somersaults. Sometimes they invent their own trick and stunts after watching other dolphins perform.

Dolphins are very friendly to people and have never harmed anyone. They are very playful animals.


Snakes are reptiles ( cold-blooded creatures ). They belong to the same group as lizards (the scaled group, Squamata ) but form a sub-group of their own (Serpentes ).

Snakes have two legs but a long time ago they had claws to help them slither along. Snakes are not slimy. They are covered in scales which are just bumps on the skin. Their skin is hard and glossy to reduce friction as the snake slithers along the ground.

Snakes often sunbath on rocks in the warm weather. This is because snakes are cold-blooded and they need the sun’s warmth to heat their body up. Most snakes live in the country. Some types of snakes live in trees, some live water, but most live on the ground in deserted rabbit’s burrows, in thick, long grass and in old logs. A snake’s diet usually consists of frogs, lizards, and mice and other snakes. The Anaconda can eat small crocodiles and even wild boars.

Many snakes protect themselves with their fangs. Boa Constrictors can give you a bear hug which is so powerful, it can crush every single bone in your body. Some snakes are protected by scaring their enemies away like the Cobra. The Flying snakes glides away from danger. Their ribs spread apart and the skin strecthes out. Its technique is just like the sugar glider’s.


Snowy Owls or Nytenia scandiaca are large prey birds. They are diurnal, which means they are active during the day instead of night. Snowy owls breed in remote areas of Artic and Sub-Artic regions, mostly North America.

As their name suggests snowy owls have dark white feathers with dark brown markings. Their feathers are thick covering even its legs and feet. They weight around 1.6 kg to 2 kg and they stand about half a meter tall with the wingspan of 1.5 meters. They have a round white head, a black curved beak, yellow large eyes, and strong black claws.

Snowy owls eat small mammals, such as geese and ducks. It always swallows its prey whole and uses the juice in its stomach to digest the flesh.

A snowy owl can swivel its head because its eyes don’t move in its sockets. A snowy owl can also detect its prey in the dark because it has excellent hearing.

In terms of personality, snowy owls are generally silent and shy. Yet, they can be very aggressive if human or other animals approach their nest.


The Kangaroo is a common Marsupials from the island of Australia and New Guinea. Marsupials are animals with pouch. They carry their babies in a pouch in the mother’s abdomen.

Kangaroos have two strong legs with two long feet. They have a muscular long tail, large ears and a small head. They have short arms with clawed hands. The soft, wooly fur can be blue, grey, red, black, yellow or brown, depending on the species. Females have a pouch in which the young live and drink milk.

These herbivores eat grass, leaves, and roots. They swallow their food without chewing it. Kangaroos need little water; they can go for months without drinking, and they dig their own water wells.

These shy animal live about 6 years in the wild and up to 20 in captivity. Most kangaroos are nocturnal. Kangaroos can hop up to 74 kilometers per hour and go over 9 meters in one hop.


Once upon a time there was a prince who wanted to marry a princess, but she would have to be a real princess. He traveled all over the world to find one, but nowhere could he get what he wanted. There were princesses enough but it was difficult to find out whether they were real ones. There was always something. about them that was not as it should be. So he came home again and,was sad, for he would have liked very much to have a real princess.

One evening a terrible storm came on there was thunder and lightning ,and the rain rain poured down in torrents. Suddenly a knocking was heard at the city gate, and the old king went to open it. It was a princess standing out there infront of the gate. But, good gracious! what a sight the rain and the wind had made her look. The water ran down from her hair and clothes; it ran down into the toes of, her shoes and out again at the heels. And yet she said that she was a real princess.

"Well, soon find that Out,"' thought the old queen. But she said nothing, went into the bed-room, took all the bedding off the bedstead, and laid a pea on the bottom; then she took twenty eider-down beds on top of the mattress. On this the princess had to lie all night. In the morning she was asked how she had slept. "Oh, very badly!" she said. "I have scarcely closed my eyes all night. Heaven only knows what was in the bed, but I was lying on something hard, so that I am black and blue all over my body. It's horrible!" Now they knew that she was a real princess because she had felt the pea right through the twenty mattresses and twenty eider-downp beds.

Nobody but a real princess could be as sensitive as that. So the prince took her for his wife, for now he knew that he had a real princess; and the pea was put in the museum, where it may still be seen, if no one has stolen it.


Written by Sheikh Al Shukeili

Once upon a time, there was a very small village in Baghdad. Its population is very small. In this village everybody knew each other and knew every little or big problems that went on in the village. In this small village there was a bakery, which was popular for its delicious, bread. One day a poor old man was walking in the street passing the bakery and he stopped to smell the scent of the bread which was spreading out of the bakery.

Suddenly, the baker caught the old man and shouted at him demanding the price of the bread's smelt? He nearly took him to the police. A very famous wise man named Juhha heard the baker shouting. So, he went to him and asked about the problem. Juhha stood calmly listening to the baker and he thought of a solution.

After a few minutes Juhha's eyes glittered and an amused smile was on his face. He asked the baker; "How much money do you want?" The baker and poor man were astonished, but the baker answered "3 dinar". Juhha took the money out of his wallet and put it in his pocket and shook the money. "Did you hear the sound of the money"' Juhha asked. "Yes I did", the baker replied, and with a big smile Juhha said "Well then, this is the price of your bread's scent!


Once there was a padishah who had a contest organized in order to determine which city in his realm produced the most capable men. He had a big cauldron full of food cooked for this occasion, and he had this put in the middle of the square. He had a large spoon made that was twenty meters long, and he put this spoon in the cauldron. He then had his town criers announce the following: "Whoever can feed him with twenty meter long spoon by holding it at the handle end will be rewarded."

Many people tried it, but they all realized that it was impossible to feed themselves in the manner prescribed by the padishah. Finally two men came along who requested the padishah to provide another spoon of exactly the same kind. A second spoon, also twenty-meters long, was made.

When this new spoon was produced, the two men took it and began to feed each other with the two spoons. They were, in this way, able to perform the feat which the padishah had required. After this contest was over the padishah called them to his presence and asked, "Where are you men from? "The men replied, "We are from Kayseri."


One day when a rabbit was walking-in the forest, he heard someone crying out, "Help! Help!" He looked around, and finally he saw a wolf. A great stone had fallen on his back so that he could not get up. He asked the rabbit's help, and said that he would die if nobody helped him.

The rabbit worked very hard, and finally managed to get the big stone off the wolfs back. Then the wolf jumped up and caught the rabbit ;n his mouth. The rabbit cried and asked for mercy, but the wolf insisted on killing him for his meal.

Then the rabbit said, "No good person kills someone who has helped him. It is not fair. You can ask the duck, who is very fat and knows everything. So both of them went to the duck. He listened to their cry, and then he said, "Show me the stone." They went to the stone.

"Now, let me be sure about this," said the duck. "Put the stone on the wolfs back exactly as it was when you found him." So the wolf lay down; and with much effort the stone was put on his back again. “Well, what do you think?" the wolf asked the duck.'

The duck thought for a moment. Then he said, "I think you were wrong to be cruel to the rabbit, who had helped you. Now see if someone else will help you! And leaving him in the sorry state in which the rabbit had come upon him, they went their way.


Written by Sheikh al Shukeili, Fatema Yousef, Hanan Rashed, Marwa Salem.

Once upon a time, there was a little beautiful girl named Laila . She lived with her mother in a small house in the forest . One day her brother asked her to take some food for her grandmother who lived on the other side of the forest. –

White Laila was walking happily and singing cheerful songs, suddenly a wolf appeared to her in the middle of the way. "What is your name ? Where are you going ? " the wolf asked Laila. "I am going to my grandmother " said Laila . " What do you have in your bosket ?" He asked, Laila said " I have some food in it. I am sorry because I am late for my grandmother ".

The wolf ran to Laila’s grandmother house and lie tricked the grandmother by making his voice the same as Laila’s. When he entered the house he swallowed her and put on her clothes. When Laila arrived she knocked the door and she entered the, house and the wolf told her come in. When Laila noticed her grandmother's long ears she asked "why are your ears very big". "To hear your sweet voice" he said . "Why do you have a big nose?" she said, he answered " So that I could smell more". Laila asked " Why do you have sharp teeth?" suddenly the wolf arrived "To eat you". Laila ran as quickly as she could from the wolf in the forest. She found a hunter, who saved her and killed the wolf. Then the Inner cut the wolf stomach and put out Laila's grandmother. They thanked the Inner and appreciated what he had done.


They say that the cat is the uncle of the tiger. Anyhow, one day a strong tiger saw her uncle the cat and asked him, "Oh, my uncle, why are you so small?" The cat said, "if you were in the hands of human beings, you would know why I am so small."

Then the tiger said, "Show me a human being, will you, uncle? "Follow Me!" said the cat. While they were going along, they saw cows grazing. "What are those, uncle?" asked the tiger. "Are they human beings?"

"Huh? A very young one of the human beings cao gather a hundred of them before him and can bring them to these fields. "said the cat. After some time they saw several camels. The tiger asked, "Uncle, are those human beings?"

"No," answered the cat. "A child can gather fifteen of them and can graze them." They went on and met a woodchopper. The cat told of their mission. When the woodchopper heard this, he asked the tiger to put her forefeet between the two huge pieces of wood and hold them apart.

When the tiger did this, the rail which was holding the two pieces apart fell down, and the forefeet of the tiger were pressed tightly between them. The woodchopper laid down his axe and came to watch the tiger. The cat climbed up into a tree the tiger began to ask, "What do you think, uncle? Will they set me free when I am as small as you are?"

"I do not know mew," said the cat whenever the tiger asked this question. They say that the mewing of the cat: began with this opinion. The Pigeon, The Fox and the Peacock

There lived a beautiful pigeon in a nice little nest on a high tree. Unfortunately for the pigeon, a fox used to. visit her whenever her young came out of their eggs. He would stand under the tree and say that he would climb up and catch her if she did not drop her young birds down to him. And the frightened pigeon used to drop her young ones every time the fox came.

Once a peacock saw her, and heard her crying over her lost babies. When he learned what was the matter, he advised her that the next time the fox came she should say to him, "Come and catch me if you can."

The fox came as usual and shouted to her to drop her young. She said, "Come and catch me if you can," just as the peacock had taught her. And the fox, knowing that his trick had failed, asked her, "Who told you to say that, sweet pigeon?" Without thinking, the pigeon answered, The peacock taught me that, Mr. Fox."

In next day the fox went to see the peacock to punish him. When he met the peacock he began praising him. "How wonderful your feathers are, and how beautiful your neck is," he said. "Tell me, how do you keep your beautiful eyes safe from dust when the wind blows on you, my dear?"

The peacock answered at once, "I put my head under my wing, Mr. Fax. 1 lie fox asked the peacock to show him how such a thing was done, and the trusting peacock, little suspecting what was in store for him, Licked his head under his wing. Suddenly the fox jumped on him, saying. "You shouldn't have immersed in matters belonging to others." And what a fine, fat meat peacock was!


Written by Dalal, Safma, Nada and Fatima

Once upon a time there were 40 thieves who put their stolen money and treasures in a cave, saying to the cave entrance (Open Sesame). A poor person saw them white they were doing that , so he heard the . opening word . After they left he went towards the cave and opened it . Suddenly he found a very large quantity of money and golden treasures . He took some of it and went back home .

After that he became a rich man and his brother wanted to know how he became rich . " One day his brother followed him to solve. that mystery. Next day the brother went back to the cave and opened it. He found a lot of money but when he tried to get out he could not . After a few minutes the thieves came in and saw the brother.­

The boss asked him how he knew about the cave so he told them the story. They killed the brother and went to find Ali Baba's house. Next morning the thieves hid in big jars and went to Ali Baba's house . The boss and two of his men pretended-that they were merchants . Ali Baba invited them to lunch After lunch they took a rest . The house maid went out and found 40 thieves in the jars , so she boiled-hot oil and poured it on their heads to kill them. After that Ali Baba lived in happiness for ever.


Once upon a time there was a. beautiful girl called Cinderella and she had two ugly step sisters who were very unkind who made her do all the hard work. She had to sweep the floors, do all the dishes, while they dressed up in fine clothes and went to lots of parties. One day a special invitation arrived at Cinderella's house. It was from the royal palace. The king's only son was a truly handsome prince was going to have a grand battle. Three girls were own home. Cinderella knew she wouldn't be allowed to go to the ball. But the ugly sisters, ha ha ha, they were excited. They wouldn't talk about anything else.

When the day of the bali came', they made such a fuss. Poor Cinderella had to rush about upstairs and downstairs. She fixed their hair in fancy waves and curls. She helped them put on their expensive new dresses. And she arranged their jewels just so. As soon as they had gone, Cinderella sat down by the fire and she said. "Oh I do wish I could go to the ball". The next moment, standing beside her was a lovely old lady with a silver wand in here hand. "Cinderella, she said " I am your fairy godmother and you shall go to the ball, but first you must go into the garden and pick a golden pumpkin, then bring me six mice from the mousetraps, a whiskered rat from the rat trap, and six. Lizards will find the lizards behind the watering can.

Cinderella fetched a golden pumpkin, six grey mice, a whiskered m lo, six lizards. The fairy godmother touched them with her hand and take pumpkin became a golden coach, the mice became six grey horses, the rat became a coachman with the most enormous mustache, and the lizards became six footmen dressed in green and yellow, then the fairy godmother touched Cinderella with the wand and her old dress became a golden dress sparkling with jewels while my feet was the prettiest pair of glass slippers ever seen. Remember said the fairy godmother you must leave the ball before the clock strikes twelve because at midnight the magic ends. "Thank you fairy godmother" said Cinderella and she climbed into the coach. When Cinderella arrived at the battle. She looked so beautiful that everyone wondered who she was! Even the ugly sisters.

The Prince of course asked here to dance with him and they danced all evening. He would not dance with anyone else. Now Cinderella was enjoying the ball so much that she forgot her fairy godmothers warning until it was almost midnight and the clock began to strike. One. Two. Three. She hurried out of the ballroom. Four. Five. Six. As she ran down the palace steps one of her glass slippers fell off. Seven. Eight. Nine. She ran on toward the golden coach. Ten. Eleven. Twelve. Then there was Cinderella in her old dress. The golden pumpkin lay in her feet. And scampering down off down the road were six grey mice, a whiskered rat and six green lizards. So Cinderella had to walk. home and by the time the ugly sisters returned home was sitting quietly by the fire. Now when Cinderella ran from the palace, the prince tried to follow her and he found the glass slipper. He said, "I shall marry the beautiful girl whose foot fits this slipper and only her in the morning the prince went from house to house with the glass slipper and every young lady tried to. squeeze her foot. into it. But it didn't fit any of them.

At last the prince came to Cinderella's house. First one ugly sister tried to squash her foot into the slipper. But her foot was too wide and fat. Then the other ugly sister tried but her foot was too tong and thin. Please said Cinderella, let me try. "The slipper won't fit you", said the ugly sisters. "You didn't go to the ball!" But Cinderella slipped her foot into the glass slipper and it fit perfectly. The next moment standing beside her was the fairy good mother. She touched Cinderella with the wand and there she was in a golden dress sparkling with jewels and on her feet was the prettiest pair of glass slippers ever seen. The ugly sisters were so surprised that, for once they couldn't think of anything to say. But the Prince know what to say. He asked Cinderella to marry him.

And then there was a happy wedding. Everyone who had gone to the ball was invited, even the ugly sisters. There was wonderful food, lots of music and dancing. And the Prince of course danced every dance with Cinderella. He would not dance with anyone else.


Once upon a time a long, long, long time ago in a little village there was a big palace bigger than the village itself and in the palace there lived a King. The King wanted to be rich.

Now one day the King promised one of his gardeners three million gold coins if he could grow a tree all year round which bore rich golden fruit. The gardener searched all over the countryside but he could not find the right seed to grow a tree which would bear golden fruit.

So at last he went to see the wise old owl who lived deep in the forest and knew all about many things. The wise old owl told him what to do and where to go to get the right seed to plant. The gardener went exactly where he was told and did exactly what he was told. He planted the seed and gave it some water, some fertilizer and he waited. Suddenly the tree sprang up so quickly that it made the gardener jump.

The gardener watched as the tree began to bear rich golden fruit. He ran back to the palace and took the king to see the tree. When the king had stood there for a long time, staring at it open-mouthed, the gardener asked for his three million coins. So the king agreed to the request and the gardener took his money and went home and lived happily ever after.


Mouse deer loved to eat the fruits and roots and shoots of the forest. But he loved something else even more. He loved the vegetables in Farmer's garden. One day, mouse deer went to the edge of the forest. He looked out at row after row of vegetables.

"Mmmm," said mouse deer. "Juicy cucumbers! Yummy yams!" He started into the garden. Snap! "Oh!" His leg was caught in a snare! mouse deer pulled and pulled. But he could not get away. "Oh, no!" he said. "Farmer will have me for dinner!"

Then he saw Farmer coming. Mouse deer thought fast. He lay on the ground and made his body stiff. "Well, said Farmer. "Look what I caught. A mouse deer! But he looks dead." Farmer pushed him with his foot. Mouse deer didn't move. "Maybe he's been dead a long time," said Farmer. "Too bad! I guess we can't eat him."

He pulled mouse deer's leg out of the snare. Then he tossed mouse deer back into the forest. Mouse deer landed with a soft plop. Then he jumped up and ran. Behind him, he heard Farmer yell. "Hey! You tricked me!" mouse deer laughed. "Farmer is smart, but mouse deer is smarter!"

A few days passed, mouse deer kept thinking about all those vegetables. One day, he went back to the edge of the forest. "Mmmm," said mouse deer. "Tasty gourds! Scrumptious sweet potatoes!"

Then he saw something new. It looked like a man, but its head was coconut, and its body was rubber. "A scarecrow!" said mouse deer. "That silly farmer. Does he think he can scare me with that? I'll show him how scared I am!" mouse deer marched up to the scarecrow. "Take this!" He gave it a big kick.

But his leg stuck to the scarecrow. The scarecrow was covered with sticky sap from a rubber tree! "Let me go!" said mouse deer. He pulled and he pulled. Then he pushed with his other front leg.

That leg stuck too. "Turn me loose!" He pulled and he pushed with his two back legs. They stuck too. "PUT ME DOWN!" He putted and he pushed and he pulled and he pushed, but mouse deer was trapped.

Then he saw farmer. Mouse deer thought fast, but he didn't have any ideas! "Well, well," said Farmer. "How nice of you to come back". He pulled mouse deer off the scarecrow and carried him to the house. He put him outside in an empty chicken coop.

"I'll keep you here tonight," said Farmer. "And tomorrow you'll be our dinner." All that night, mouse deer couldn’t sleep. He didn't want to be dinner! When the sun rose, mouse deer just lay there sadly.

Then he heard something. "Why, it's Mouse deer! So farmer caught you at last. It serves you right!" It was farmer's dog. Mouse deer thought fast what do you mean, dog? farmer didn't catch me." "Then why are you in the coop?" said dog.

"Because there aren't enough beds in the house. You see, farmer is holding a feast tomorrow. And I'm the guest of honor." "Guest of honor?" said dog. "That's not fair! I've been his loyal friend for years, and you're just a thief. The guest of honor should be me! "

"You know, dog, you're right. Why don't you take my place? When farmer sees you in here, he'll make you the guest of honor instead." "Really?" said dog. "You don't mind?" "Not at ail," said Mouse deer. "You deserve it." "Mouse deer you're not so bad after all. Thank you!" dog lifted me. He latch and opened the door. "You're welcome, dog. Enjoy the feast."

Mouse deer ran for the forest. Then he watched from the forest edge. He saw Farmer come out and stare at dog. Then he heard I cried yell. "You stupid dog! You let the mouse deer get away!" mouse deer laughed. "Farmer will have to find a different dinner now!" Then he went off singing his song. I'm quick and smart as I can be. Try and try, but you can't catch me!


One day a tiny mosquito sat on the rough, thick-skinned neck of a water buffalo. Just then, a car passed by, and the water buffalo was frightened and started running as fast as he could go.

The poor mosquito, surprised at the extent of her might, came to the edge of the water buffalo's ear and said, "Brother water buffalo, I didn't mean to hurt you so much when I sat dawn. Please forgive me.'

38. The Lion's Den

Once the lion, king of all the animals, assembled his subjects and said, "You are all my friends. Tell me honestly. How does my den smell? After a timid silence, an old dog spoke up. "Your majesty." said the honest but unwise dog, "it smells rather unpleasant. In fact forgive me, but it stinks!"

"How dare you!" roared the lion, and, springing upon the dog, he tore him to bits. Then the lion repeated the question. Seeing that an honest. answer was not what the lion wanted, an eager monkey said. "Sir, your honorable den smells like a palace garden. Over there,". and he pointed to one corn-r, "your den smelts like roses. Over here," and he pointed to another corner, "your den smells like hyacinths..."

"Oh?" said the lion, interrupting him. "Welt, for this false flattery you deserve the same treatment as the dog," and he destroyed the monkey, also.

The question was this time directed at the fox. "Your majesty," replied the fox, "for some time now, I've had a bad cold, and I really can't tell..." and saved his precious life, of course.


Written By Sanna, Aisha, and Fozia.

Once upon a time there was a beautiful girl called Sarah, who lived with her step mother. She was a very domineering, greedy and egotistical woman and she hated Sarah a lot.

One day when her father was working out side , the step mother hit Sarah and expelled her from the house She went out side and walked far away from the house . Suddenly she saw a big melon farm and went in it. After that she hid in a big melon She used to go out of the melon and get her food.

One day the prince visited the farm and saw the big melon. " Cut this melon I want to eat it" The prince said . The guards started to cut the melon but they heard a sound from it. Sarah said " Don't cut me please i" They were all surprised for this situation the prince said ".Who are you ? Don't fear, please come out." After that she came out and he fell in love with her . She told him her story so the prince decided to marry her and they lived happily ever after.


One day the wolf was slaking his thirst at a stream when he chanced to see a lamb, also drinking, at some distance down the stream. Outraged, he growled, "You are muddying my drinking water. Now I shall cut you?"

Me lamb protested, "But sir. how can I be muddying your drinking water? I am farther downstream than you are. The water is flowing from your part-of the stream to where I am."

"Upstream or downstream, your drinking is muddying water, and I shall eat you." So saying, the wolf leaped upon the lamb and devoured him.

Thus it is with certain people: once they have made up their minds, not even reason will chance them.


Once in a forest there lived a cat and a rabbit. They were very good friends. One day when they were walking together through the forest they found a big piece of cheese. They were very pleased, and agreed to share it. They decided that the rabbit should divide it into two equal shares. The rabbit tried hard to divide it equally, but could not. One piece was a little bit bigger than the other.

They began to quarrel over the pieces, since each wearied to have the bigger piece for himself. Just then a fox come along and asked them what their quarrel was all about. They explained the matter to the fox, and he replied that he could solve their problem, since he could make the pieces equal.

The fox took a bite of the bigger piece, to make it equal to the smaller one. But the bite was too big; now the other piece was bigger. He bit the other piece, but again the bite was too big. One pie was, still bigger than the other. So he, continued in this way until both pieces of cheese were finished. "Well," said the, fox as the last crumb of cheese disappeared, "I do they grow from seeds?" "Let us go together," said the man, "and buy some minaret seeds. Take these to your village and sow them, and then you too will have minarets, just like those you see everywhere here." He took the peasant to a seed store where he bought him some carrot seeds. He gave these to the peasant„ who was greatly excited at the prospect of growing tall minarets in his own village.

As soon as her returned to his village. The peasant planted the seed's in his garden. He waited and waited for the minarets. The man at Istanbul had told him the minarets should be fully grown within six month's time, but at the roots to see what was the matter with them. When he dug up one plant. he found in the ground a carrot half a meter in length. The peasant exclaimed, "Well. that Istanbul man wasn't a liar, after all. I must have planted the seeds upside down."


Pull Hair Husband At last Neither .... nor

There was once a man who had- two -wives. One of them was olds and the other was young. The man himself was not young. His hair was half black and half white.

The wife who was young did not want her hus­band to look old, because she herself was not old. So she pulled out all his hair which was white.

The wife who was old did not want her husband to look young, because she herself was not young. So she pulled out all his hair which was black.

At last the poor man had neither black hair nor white hair on his head. He had no hair at all.


Mouse (mice) Visit Cousin Corn Potato Carrot

Turnip Offer To set out

A town mouse went to visit his cousin in the country. The cousin . lived in a large field where grew corn, potatoes, carrots and turnips. (The country mouse gave his cousin a warm welcome and offered him the best vegetables for dinner. But the town mouse only smelt at these things with his long nose. F-{e said, "My cousin, how can you eat such food as these? But of course you cannot have anything better in the country, my poor cousin."

"Yes, 1 am very tired of the country life," said tile country mouse. May I go to town with you. "Yes, you may, of' course," answered the town mouse. "May I stay there with. .you?" asked little country mouse. "Yes, you may, if you please," said the town mouse. So the two mice set out for the town.



Must Inside Kill At once Cut Find Dead More Either

There was once a foolish farmer. He had a good hen. The hen gave him an egg every day. He sold the eggs, and got much money.

The farmer thought, "`There must be many eggs inside the hen. If I kill the hen, I shall get many eggs , in one day, and I shall get much money at once."

So he caught the hen, and killed it. But when he cut it open, he did. not find any eggs inside. The hen was dead. The farmer could get no more eggs. He could get no more money either.


Journey Hole Corner Beware Trap Sten Used to

After a long journey the two mice came to the town mouse's house. It was a small hole in a dark corner where the town mouse lived with his wife. Just as they went into the hole, a cat came after them. You shall not go out of the hole, my cousin, "said the town mouse. "You see there is a cat outside. We must beware of' him. He always catches some mice and cats them. You see there is also a trap outside. We must beware of it, too. If a mouse happens to step on. the trap, he cannot get away."

After a while the cat went away. The town mouse took the country mouse to the dining room While they saw a lot of nice food on the table-They were very pleased.

But just as they began to eat their supper, a big dog barked at them, and they ran quickly into the hole again.

“I am not used to the city life, my cousin," said the country mouse. "I used to live in the country where there is no fear and no danger."

So he said good bye to his cousin and went back to the country. He never came to-town again.


Bridge A piece of Think (thought) Open Try ('Fried) Get (Got) Own Greedy

A dog once stood on a bridge. He had a piece of meat in his mouth. When he looked down, lie saw myself in the water. He thought that was another dog, and that dog had a piece of meat too. "I want to get y that piece of meat for myself," he said to himself. Then he opened his mouth and tried to get the meat from that dog. Of course when he did so, his own meat fell into the water. Now the greedy dog had not a piece of meat at all.

47. THE SONS OF WILLIAM THE CONQUEROR Intelligent Hawk Eagle Starling Insect

There was once a king of England who was called William the Conqueror. He had three sons. Their names were Robert, William and Henry. They were all strong, brave and-intelligent. The king loved them all the same. But he did not know which one Of them- ought to rule his country after he was dead. "Let's ask each of them a question," said one of his wise men. "Then we can find out which one of them will be best fitted to rule the country in your place."

The :wise men talked with the king- for a little while, and then agreed that the young princes should be brought in, one at a time, and that the same_ question should be put on t1hem. The first who came into the room was Robert.

"This wise man has a question to ask you," the king said to Robert. "Listen to him and answer him." "What is your question, Sir?" Robert asked the wise man.

"If you could change into a bird," said the wise man; "what bird would you like to be ?" "1 would like to be a hawk," said Robert. "Wily would you like to be a hawk'?" asked the wise man.

"If I changed into a hawk, I would be a bird of war." said Robert. "A hawk is very strong and brave and fight the other birds. So saying, Robert went out. Then William went in.

"1 have a question to ask you, William,” said the wise man. “Would you answer me, please? "What is Your question, Sir?" "II you could turn to a bird", Said the wise man. What bird would you like to be William? "I would like lo be an eagle." "Why would you like to be an eagle asked the wise man.

"If I turned to an eagle, I would be king of birds," said William. "All the other birds are afraid when an eagle appears." So saying, William left the room. "Then Henry entered. “Would you answer ask me, please?"

"What is your question, Sir?" said Henry. "If you could change into a bird," said the wise man, "what bird would you like to be, Henry ?" "I would like to be a starling," answered Henry.

"Why would you like to be a starling?" asker? the wise man "If I turned to a starling, I would be a weak but kind bird," said Prince Henry. "A starling does no harm to men, and it

does not hurt other birds. Indeed, it helps those who work on the land, for it eats insects that do harm to the crops. That is why I would like to be a starling."

After two years the king died. The eldest prince Robert succeeded to the throne. He was killed in a battle a year later. Then Prince William came to the throne after him. He was killed by his own men. At last. Prince Henry was made king. lie ruled his country peacefully.


Sentry Civil war Raise Password Lower Heaven

A soldier was one day on the sentry during the American Civil War (1856 - 60). As he saw an officer riding towards him, he raised his gun and pointed it at him. "Who goes there?" shouted the sentry. "Give the pass­word!" Lincoln," said the, officer, "your president."

"It is a wrong password," said the sentry slowly lowering his gun. "lf I didn't know you, I would shoot you. Go back and get the right password." Lincoln rode off. And pretty soon he returned with the right password "Massachusetts".

"Pass on!" said the sentry. "All's well." "I can't pass on," said Lincoln, "until you answer me a question?" "What's your question?" asked the sentry. "Have you got the right password for Heaven?" asked Lincoln. "Yes, Sir, I have got it already," answered the sentry. "What was it?" Lincoln asked again.

"Jesus Christ, Sir," answered the sentry. "Where did you learn that?" Lincoln asked again. "You taught me in your Sunday school."


Cave Hungry Welcome Game By and by

An old lion sat in front of his cave. He was very hungry. A goat came by. "Good morning, Mr. Goat," said the lion. "You are welcome to my cave, and have a game with me." The goat went in, but he did not come out. Then a dog came by." Good morning, Mr. Dog," said the lion. "You are welcome to my cave, and have a game with me."

The dog went in, but he did not come out. By and by a fox came by. "Good morning, Mr. Fox," said the lion. "You are welcome to my cave, and have a game with me."

"No, thank you, said the fox. "I have watched you sit there for a long time. I have heard you talk to the dog and the goat. I have seen them go in, but I have not seen them come out."


Insult Beat Obey Well To look down upon To get rid of

A rabbit once lived in a forest with a lion. The lion was very proud. He looked down upon the rabbit. He often insulted her and beat her a lot. The rabbit could stand it no longer. She made up her mind to get rid of the lion by a trick.

One day the rabbit came to the lion and said, "Good morning, Sir! Just now I saw - an animal over there who looked just like you.. He said that he was the king of all the animals in this forest. He told all of us to obey him and be his servants."

"Didn't. you tell him about me ?" roared the lion. "Yes, I did," said the rabbit. "I told him how strong you were, but he said that no animal was so strong as he was."

The lion was very angry and roared, "Where is he ? Where is he ?" The rabbit took the lion to a deep well and said, "He is down over there in the well." The lion hastened to the well and looked angrily at the water. "Yes, there he is," He roared. He flew down at his enemy into the well and was drowned.


Blind Lame Fire Carry (Carried) Back Idea Each Other

Once upon a time there was a blind man who lived in the same house with a lame man. They were good friends to each other. One day the blind man said to the lame man, "I can run with my legs, but I cannot see with my eyes. What shall I do, if there is a fire ?"

The lame man answered, "I can see with my eyes, but I cannot run with my legs. If you can carry me on your back, I can see for you and you can run for me." "That's a good idea," said the blind man. "Let's help each other."

Not long after this,there was a fire.The blind man carried the lame man on his back.And so they both got out of the house.


Crane Bone Stick (stuck) Throat Wide In vain Difficult Draw(drew, drawn) Reward

A wolf was one day eating his dinner. He was very greedy. He ate so quickly that a bone , stuck in his throat. He had tried hard to get it out, but all was in vain. Then he went to the crane and said, "Good morning, Crane. Will you help me to do something ?"

"What help do you want of me ?" asked the crane. "I have a bone stuck in my throat. You have a long bill, and so you can draw it out." said the wolf. "If you do that for me, I will give you a reward." "Let Me try," said the crane. "It is not difficult for me to do so."

The wolf opened his mouth wide. The crane put her bill in and drew out the bone. "Now will you give me your reward, please ?" the crane asked the wolf. "Reward?" said the wolf. "Don't talk about that. You should be thankful to me. Although you put your head into my mouth, I did not bite it off. What more do you want?"


Thirsty Every-where Low Pick up Drop High Able

One day a crow was very tired and thirsty. He looked every where for some water to drink, but he could not find any. At last he found an old jar in which there was a little water. The jar was so tall and the water was so low that he could not reach it with his short bill.

He thought for a while. Then he flew away to pick up some stones. He dropped the stones into the jar one after another, and the water came up higher and higher. At last the crow was able to drink as much as he liked.


Paw Jaw Scratch Strength Overcome Pant

One upon time a lion and a bear caught and killed goat. They had a quarrel over it. "It is mine," said the bear. "I caught it with my strong paws." It is not yours. It is mine," said the lion." I killed it with my strong jaws. "Then they began to fight over it. They ran up and down the hill, under and over the fallen trees, in and out of the forest. They bit and scratched with all their strength, but none could overcome the other.

"At last they both were tired out and could fight no longer, "They lay upon the ground, panting and looking at each other. A fox who was passing by at the time saw them with a dead goat near by. She ran up to them, took the goat home and ate it up.


Quarrel Die(v) Dead(adj) Living True Jew

There were once two women who lived in the same house. They each had a child. It happened that one of the children died one night. Its mother took the other woman's child, and put the dead child in her bed instead.

The Next morning they had a quarrel. "This is my child. The dead child is yours," said one. "No, the dead child is yours. This living one is mine, said the other. Each one said the living child was hers, but no o could tell who was its true mother. Arid they went see Solomon, the wise king of the Jews.

When King Solomon heard their story, he said "Cut the child into two and give each woman half." "That's a good idea," said the dead child's mother.Give her the child.Let it be hers.But don’t kill it said living child’s mother.”Give this child to this woman” said the king.She is its true mother.


Battle Win (won) Bat Join Fur Feather Rejoicing Celebrate Peace

There was once a war between the birds and the beasts. They fought many battles, but neither the birds nor the beasts could win the war.

At last the birds asked the bats for help. They said, "Can you join us in the war against the beasts, since you are birds, too?”

No, we are not birds," answered the bats, "Lock at us! We have teeth and lips, but you. Have bills or beaks. We have fur, but you have feather. We have large ears, but your ears are only holes. You lay eggs, but we don't. So you can see that we are not birds and cannot. fight for you."

Later, the beasts . asked the bats for help. They said, "Can you join us in the war again the birds since you are beasts, too?"

"N0, we are not beasts," replied the bats. "You see we can fly, but you cannot. How can we help you fight against the birds ?"

In the Ion- war many birds and beasts were killed. Both sides soon got tired of the killing. Finally they had to make peace, and the war came to an end.

Now the birds and the beasts each held great rejoicing, to celebrate the peace. The bats flew to the birds and asked to join their party, but the birds did not welcome them. Then they flew to the beasts and asked to join their party. But the beasts did not welcome them, either.

The bats felt very unhappy, for they could not call them­selves either birds or beasts. So they flew away and hid in mountain caves and dark corners of broken rocks. They have never showed their faces again in the daylight.


Powerful Cure Palace Wear Healthy Complete Search Complain Merry (merrily)

There was once a king who was very powerful and rich. But he was always unhappy, because he felt ill all the time. No doctors knew how to cure him, nor did any medicine do him good. One day he called all his wise men to his palace and asked them what to do. "There is only one way," said a very old man. "If you can find a happy man, take his shirt and wear it, you will be soon cured."

So the king sent his men to search for all the happy men. They traveled all over the country, but they could not find one. There was nobody who was completely satisfied. If a man was rich and healthy, he had a bad wife. Everybody had something to complain of.

The men was very tired of their long search, and did not know when to go home. Just as they were worrying about that, they saw a workman who was singing merrily while he was at work.


Insult Beat Obey Well To look down upon To get rid of

A rabbit once lived in a forest with a 1ion The lion was very proud. He looked down upon the rabbit. He often insulted her and beat her a lot. The rabbit could stand it no longer. She made up her mind to get rid of the lion by a trick.

One day the rabbit came to the lion and said, "Good morning, Sir! Just now I saw an animal over there who looked just like you. He said that he was. The king of all the animals in this forest. He told all of us to obey him and be his servants."

"Didn't you tell him about me ?" roared the lion.

"Yes, I did," said the rabbit. "I told him how strong you were, but he said that no animal was so strong as he was.. The lion was very angry and roared, "Where is he ? The rabbit took the lion to a deep well and said, "He is down over there in the well. The lion hastened to the well and looked angrily at the water. "Yes, there he is," He roared. He flew down at his enemy into the well and was drowned.


Stream To makeup one's mind Capture Lamb i Humble (humbly) To tell a lie Impossible Care Excuse Word

A wolf was once drinking at the head of a running stream. When he looked up, he saw a little lamb just coming to drink a little water down the stream.

The wolf made up his mind to capture the lamb for dinner. "But how can I find an excuse to do so ?" Then he ran down to the lamb and called out to her," How dare you make dirty the water which I have just drunk ?. I dare not make dirty the water, Sir," said the lamb humbly. "When you drank the water," I did not get near to the stream."

"1 have tasted your bad smell in the water," said the wolf ."You dare tell a lie."

"That's impossible, Sir," said the lamb. "The water runs from you to me, not from me to you." "Well, then," said the wolf." Why did-you- call me many bad names last year?"

"That cannot be, Sir;" said the lamb. "I was just born at the beginning of this year." ­"1 don't care," shouted the wolf. "If it was not you, it was your father. That's the same." And without another word he rushed upon the help­less lamb.


Praise Figure Silly As soon as Enjoy

A fox was one day walking under a large tree. He looked up and saw a crow sitting on a branch with a piece of cheese in her bill. "1 want to eat that piece of cheese," said the fox to himself. Then he began to praise the crow. "Oh! Miss Crow, how beautiful you are! What a lovely figure you have! People say you are black, but l say you are white. How I like to hear you sing, if you can sing for me now ?"

The silly crow was very much pleased, and she began to sing, "Caw, caw !" As soon as she opened her bill, down fell the cheese. The fox picked up the cheese, and fan away to enjoy it.


Wonder Funny At once Frighten Swam (swim, swam, swum)

Once upon a time there was an old hen who had many children. She loved her children very much. Once the hen sat on ducks'eggs, and when the

ducklings came out, she was very much pleased. Only she wondered why they had such large funny bills.

The mother hen said to the ducklings, "I don't know who your father is, but f love you all the same." One day the mother hen took her ducklings out for a walk. When they came to a pond, the ducklings at once went into the water and swam out. The mother hen was very much frightened.


Cave Hungry Welcome Game By and by

An old lion sat in front of his cave. He was very hungry. A goat came by. "Good morning, Mr. Goat," said the lion. "You are welcome to my cave, and have a game with me." The goat went in, but he did not come out. Then a dog came by.

"Good morning, Mr. Dog," said the lion. "You are welcome to my cave, and have a game with me." The dog went in, but he did not come out. By and by a. fox came by. 'Good morning, Mr. Fox," said the lion. "You are welcome to my cave, and have a game with me.''

"No, thank you," said the fox. "I have watched you sit there for a long time. 1 have heard you talk to the dog and the goat. I have seen them go in, but I have not seen them come out."


Gentleman Faithful Master Trust Sitter Staircase Sad Upstairs Ladder Arm Sound

A gentleman once kept a large monkey he had brought home from Africa. The monkey was very faithful to her master and was very friendly to his baby boy. One day the gentleman went out with his wife. They left the baby boy to the monkey they had trusted as a baby sitter.

It happened that a fire broke out in the house The door and the stair-case were already on fire. All the neighbors looked sadly at the window of the room the baby boy slept in. Somebody ran for a ladder to reach the window, but it was no use now.

Just then they saw a black hand open the window upstairs. Then out came the monkey with the baby in her arms. Down she climbed. Slowly and carefully she brought the baby out safely.


Would (Past tense of "Will") Stupid Drown Throw (threw, thrown)

The mother hen was not frightened now. She was not frightened now. She was very glad to see her children swim over the water. One day she sat on her own eggs; and when her young chickens came out, she was very much pleased, too. After a few days, she also took them to the pond. She wanted to see them swim. But the young ones were afraid of the water and would not go down the pond.

The mother hen was very angry with them. "Why don't you swim, my stupid children ?" she cried. "You see how beautifully your brothers swim over there." She took two of them and threw them into the pond. Of course they were drowned, the poor young things.


Frog Pond Turtle Straight Bush Right away

There was once a frog who lived in a small pond with a turtle. One day the frog said to the turtle. "Good morning, Mr. Turtle. I am tired of living in this pond. Can you tell me the best place in the world? I would like to live there." "Me, too," said the turtle. "Let's ask Mrs. Bird. She has been to many places that we have never seen. She knows very well where the best place is."

"Let's go to see her right away," said the frog. "I know where she lives." They went down the road, passed the wood, turned to the east and went straight. And at last they saw her in a bush on the left, "Good morning, Mrs. Bird," said the frog. "Can you tell me the way to the best place in the world?"

"The best place?" said Mrs. Bird. "Go back down the road, turn west, go pass the wood and go straight on. Then you can find the best place in the world." They were very pleased and went off right away. At last they came to a pond.

Thi is our home said the turtle. "This is the best place in the world," said the frog. And they both sang. "East and west, Home is the best."


Heart Share Medicine Full Pity

Once upon a time there was a man who was a doctor and whose name was Gold Smith. Dr. Smith had a good heart. He was always ready to help others, and gave award so much to the poor that he was always poor himself . One day a woman came and asked Dr. Smith to see her husband who was ill at home. Dr. Smith did, so. He found that the man was not ill but poor. He had not eaten anything for many days.

"Come to my house this evening," said the doctor to the woman. "I will give you some medicine which may make your husband better." In the evening the Woman came. Dr. Smith gave her a little-box­, which was very heavy. "This is the medicine which may do good to your husband." said the doctor. "But don't open the box until you reach home."


Sly Cheat Trick River Well Deep Reach Trap Nice Jump Prey

Have you ever heard any stories about foxes ? A fox is told about as a sly animal which likes to cheat others by tricks. One hot summer day when all the ponds and rivers were dry, a fox walked about to look for water to drink.

At last he found an old well in which there was a little water. But the well was very deep, and the water was out of his reach. He tried again and again to reach it, and at last he fell in but he could not get out. He was just like a prey in a trap.

By and by a goat carne, to the well and saw the fox in it. He asked the fox, "What is the water like down there ?. The water is very nice, and I cannot stop drinking it" said the fox. "Why not come down and try it ?". Down jumped the goat at once. As soon as he, jumped down, the fox jumped on his back and got out of the well.


Badminton is popular sport in Indonesia. Many people can play it. It can be played in doors or out doors. However, most players play it in doors. Nowadays there are many badminton halls in our country.

Badminton is not a cheap sport, but it is not expensive. Nets , rackets and shuttlecocks are the equipment needed for playing badminton. We can use the cheap ones. We can buy nets and rackets in a sport shop. But shuttlecock, we can find them anywhere. Most shops sell them. There for , people say the badminton is not an expensive sport. However, the also say that badminton is not a cheap sport because it costs a lot of money to be a badminton player.

Susi susanti is an indonesian badminton player. She is the best woman player in Indonesia. She had spent a lot of money playing badminton but now she does not. She gets the facilities from the government and sponsors.


Sport help us become strong and healthy. There are many kinds of sports; for example walking, running, hunting, cycling, swimming, and so on. It is not important what kinds of sports we do as long as we are strong enough to do it. Healthy people should exercise regularly, no matter how old they are.

The simplest sport to do is walking. It is also the cheapest one, because we do not need much money to do it. A long walk in the evening may help us sleep better than any medicine we may take for the same purpose.

But people today do not like walking. They prefer to drive a car though they are not in a hurry or traveling a long distance. This kind of ‘disease’ come from our laziness.

71. Post and telephone

I live far from my parents. I live with my grand parents in Kartasura, but parents live in Bandung. It is not easy for me to communicate with my parents. When I was in the first year of SLTP, it was rather difficult for me to send a letter because there was no post office near my house. I could buy envelopes and stamps in a shop, then mail the letter in a post box. It was far from my house.

When I was in the third year, there was a post office near my house. It was not difficult to mail my letter. I could buy envelopes, stamps, post cards and mail my letter. The postmaster and the post man were very good. They served all of the people in the post office very well. They were also diligent. I always got letters from my parents on time. But when I wanted to send information quickly, I could not do it in this post office. I had to go to Solo to telegraph or telephone.

Now there is a Warpostel in Kartasura. I’m very pleased ; its easy for me to communicate with my parents. In this Warpostel, I can buy envelopes, stamp and then post a letter. I can also telephone or telegraph in this Warpostel. There are four telephone boxes. We do not need to stand in line to use the telephones. This place is very busy at nine pm, because people only pay twenty-five percent of the co.

72. Change of clothes

Gunawan and Susanti want to go to their parents’ house. They want to go with their mother, Mrs Rahmad. Now they are packing their change of clothes.

Gunawan : What time are we going to go?

Mrs Rahmad : At five o’clock. Have you pack your change of clothes?

Gunawan : Yes, I have. But Susanti is still packing.

Mrs Rahmad : What will you bring?

Gunawan : A pair of jeans, a pair of trousers, two T-shirt, a shirt and shoes.

Mrs Rahmad : Bandung is cold. Why don’t you bring your jacket?

Gunawan : Oh, yes, thank you for reminding me.

Mrs Rahmad : Santi, what have you packed in your bag?

Susanti : Jeans, a T-shirt, a sweater, a dress and a shirt.

Mrs Rahmad : What about your jacket?

Susanti : I think a sweater is enough.

Mrs Rahmad : Bandung may be cold at this time of year.

Susanti : Okay, I will bring the brown bag. I can put my jacket in it. I will wear my black

shoes. What do you want to wear Gun?

Gunawan : I’ll wear my white shoes. I’ll bring the blue bag.

Susanti : Mom, I have finished packing my clothes.

Mrs Rahmad : Okay, please tell your father that we are ready.

They are waiting for Mr Rahmad to take them to the railway station.


Last week Mr Rahmad, his wife and his children had a picnic. They went to Sanur Beach and Kuta Beach. They left by car at four in the afternoon. Mr Rahmad drove his car carefully. They arrived at Sanur at six in the evening. Then they went to a motel near Sanur Beach. They spent the night in the Motel.

The next day the went to Sanur Beach. They went there on foot because the motel not more than a kilometer form the beach. They started early in the morning because they wanted to see the sunrise. After the sun rose, they enjoyed other activities. Mr Rahmad and his wife looked at a tourist painting in a small gallery. Their children, Andi and Dewi enjoyed a boat trip. They were glad because they had never done it before. At ten o’clock they went back to the motel. They stayed and had lunch there.

At four in the afternoon, they left to go to Kuta Beach. They went there by car. Then they walked along the seashore. They saw what some foreign tourists were doing there. Some of them lay on the sand and had a massage ; others rode motorcycles or were surfing. Andi and Dewi enjoyed it very much. They also played in the water and swam. They spent two hours in Kuta Beach.


Tomorrow is Sunday. Mr Rukman does not have to go to the office and the children do not have to go to school on Sunday either. Mr Rukman and Mrs Rukman have two son and one daughter. They are Bayu, Dimas, and Nuning. They are the happy family. Mr Rukman is a doctor and Mrs Rukman is a nurse. They want to visit some interesting places on Sunday. They want to go to the zoo, to the museum, and to the playground.

They plan to be at the zoo at 10.15. they plan to leave the zoo 12.15. The museum is not far from the zoo. They want to be at the museum at 12.30 . They plan to have lunch at a restaurant near the museum. The children want to play in the playground after lunch. They want to stay there until 2.30 in the afternoon.


Mr Parman was a farmer. He lived in a small village. Most of the people in his village were farmers too. Some of them were also bamboo workers, bricklayers and carpenters, Mr Parman’s sons, Giyono and Rohmadi, did not want to be farmers, bamboo workers, bricklayers or carpenters. They wanted to work in Jakarta like some other young men who seemed to be successful there.

Giyono and Rohmadi decided to go to Jakarta. They went by bus together. They stayed with their uncle before they got jobs. They were unemployed for only two weeks. They tried and tried, then got jobs, giyono was as a driver ; Rohmadi was as a salesmen. They were hard workers. Besides their work, they also took computer and English courses at night.

After three years in Jakarta, they got new jobs. Giyono worked in a big hotel, and Rohmadi worked in a advertising agency. They also went back to their village every year like other people. However, after they had enough savings, they did not go back to Jakarta. They set up shops in their village. They were successful villagers.


There are some animals that people usually look after as a hobby. They are birds, cocks, cats, dogs, horses, etc. people like them as pets, not as breeding animals. People like pet because they like their songs, their beauty or their funny ways. Therefore people do not want their meat or their eggs.

One type of pets is a bird. People usually like for their singing. Birds can be expensive because of their singing. The price of a bird can be five million rupiahs if it has beautiful voice and feathers. If a bird can sing well then it can be the champion in a bird contest, and the price of the bird will be more expensive.

It is not difficult to get birds. We can but them in a pet shop. We can choose what bird we want pigeon, canary, parrot, “cocak rowo” etc. we can also buy cages and food there. If you like bird you can go to a bird shop.


Mr Karya is a farmer. He is working very deligently in his field. He has a large field. Besides being a farmer, he is also a poultryman. He has many chickens

Mr Karya is very rich. He has a poultry farm. His poultry farm is very large. It is in his garden behind his house. He has two workers. Amin and Karta are his workers. They always work hard. They feed the chickens three times a day. They clean the chicken’s coops twice a week. They never take a nap because they must remove the eggs every afternoon.

Mr Karya has three large chicken houses. Each house contains 800 chickens. Amin and Karta are very busy looking after them. They get about 100 kilograms of eggs everyday. Mr Karta sells them once a week. He gets a good profit from his chickens. It is enough to finance his children’s schooling at university.

78. Indonesian Archipelago

Indonesia is a large archipelago. It lies between the continents of Asia and Australia; between the Indonesian and Pacific oceans. It extends between the latitudes 60 north and 110 south, and between 95 east longitude and 141 east longitude. Indonesia is 5,120 kilometres wide from east to west and 1,770 kilometres from north to south.

Indonesia consists of 13, 667 islands. Some of the islands are on the equator. They are Sumatra, Kalimantan, Sulawesi, and Halmahera. The islands get a lot sun shine. The five largest islands, are Sumatra, Java, Kalimantan, Sulawesi and Irian Jaya.

The land area Indonesia is 1.904.345 square kilometers. Most of this areas are forested. It is about 120 million hectares.in former times the forests were very fast and rich. The forests extend to low land plains and mountainous land., because a part of Indonesia land area is mountainous. Nowadays the forests are decreasing because of the tree felling.


Indonesia consists of a lot of islands. It has many cultural displays. One of them is dance. We have so many dances. West Sumatra has Lilin and Piring Dances; West Java has Merak, Topeng and Jaipong; Central Java has Gambyong, Serimpi, Bondan, and Golek; East Java has Remo; Bali has Janger, Legong, Pended, and Kecak;West Kalimantan has Monang Maengket; and there are still many others.

Some of them are popular, Lilin, Piring, Jaipong, Gambyong, Serimpi, and Kecak are some of the more popular dance in our country. We often see them in events like opening ceremonies, receptions, celebrations or festivals. Sometimes we must spend money to see dances in an entertainment center. It will be expensive if the dance is performed by popular dancers

We have many good dancers. Some of them consider dancing as a hobby; other regard dancing as a profession. As professional dancers they dance seriously. Most of them have a dancing studio. This studio is for practicing dancing and for creating new dances.

Healthy person should exercise regularly, no matter what their ages are. Sports help us to become strong and healthy. There are many kinds of sports : walking, running, hunting, swimming, cycling, and so on. It is not important what kind of exercise we do, if only we are strong enough to do it.

The simplest and the best sport, however is walking. A long walk in the evening may help more to bring sleep than any medicine. A five – mile walk will do better than all the medicine in the world.

But people today are not walking anymore. They prefer to drive in a motor-car, even when the distance is only a few miles. They take their car just to post some letters. The journey is a distance of two or three hundred steps, but they use car. And they are not in a hurry, either. This kind of “disease” come from our own laziness.

A well known doctor once said : “ heart and bodies need good exercise. It is as necessary to good health as eating and sleeping”.


One day Yani wasn’t feeling very well, so she decided to see Dr. Eko. She went to his office on JL Gejayan. Since there were many people in his waiting room, Yani sat down to wait for her turn. While she was reading a magazine ; the nurse opened the inner door and said to her :” The doctor will see you now. Come in please.”

Dr Eko told Yani to sit down and then asked her some questions.

Dr Eko then felt Yani’s pulse and took her temperature. Her pulse was a little fast, and the thermometer showed that she had two degrees of fever. Next the doctor examined her nose carefully with a small light. All right ! Now open your mouth, please and let me see your throat. Say “ ah !” Then he took his stethoscope and listen to her chest. “ take a deep breath, please” Last he checked her blood pressure and found it a little low.

“ Now Yani, im going to give you a shot for your cold; and here are two prescriptions, one for some pills and one for a tonic. I advise you to rest, to stay at home for a couple of two days. If you don’t feel better then , come back and see me again; and I’ll give you another injection.”

“Thanks, Dr. Eko, I feel better already. How much do I owe you?”

“That will be ten thousand rupiahs”

Yani left the doctor’s office and went directly to a chemist’s or a drugstore, where a druggist filled her prescription while she waited.


Karyo is fruit – seller. He lives with his wife and four children in a small house. It is in Wedomartani, a village about ten kilometers north of Yogyakarta. He goes about on his becak every morning. He returns in the evening.

Karyo doesn’t sell only one kind of fruit. Some times he sells rambutans and durians. In other occasion, he sells mangoes or salaks. It depends on the season.

Karyo is very hard working; he works like a horse. He doesn’t easily feels tired. He wakes up at five o’clock every morning. Then he packs the fruits on to his becak. He then takes them to his stall near the campus of IKIP Yogyakarta.

People like buying fruit in his stall because he is very friendly. Besides, his fruit is tasty and cheap.


Kasani lives in Cilacap. It is on the southern coast of Central Java. One day. Kasani’s father – Mr Ridyarti said, “ We are going to visite a dairy farm tomorrow.”

“ A dairy farm?” asked Kasani.

“ Yes , there’s one here in Cilacap. My friend, Mr. Harjono, works there. He has invited us there,” explaines Mr. Ridyarti.

Kasani and his brother were surprised, “ I didn’t know there was one there, “ said Kasani.

“ Neither did I , “ replied his brother, but it sounds interesting.”

So, the next day, Mr. Ridyarti drove the family to Cilacap’s milk center. There, they met Mr Harjono. The dairy farmers in Cilacap milk their cows. “ but we do not sell the milk,” explained Mr. Harjono. “instead, we send it to the laboratory. The milk is pasteurized at the laboratory. The lab sells the milk.”

Where do the farmers get the cows from? Well, the government gives them to them. “ In return we have to give the government two of the cows’females calves, “Mr Harjono said. “After this, the rest of the cows are ours.”

Kasani and his brother had a wonderful time at the farm. They found it very interesting. They even tried to milk a cow !


Indonesian society consists of rural and urban society. Rural society lives in the village. They usually make their living by farming. Some make their living by working in home industries. –The home industriesusually have only small scales, so they don’t need many workers.

There are many kinds of jobs people can do in cities. The cities are the center of industries in the big scale. Most of government offices are also centered in city. Therefore, most people in the villages want to move to the cities.

The villagers move to the cities in great numbers to get jobs. Some get what they want but most of them don’t. those who has skills or good education can become government civil servants or employers of private enterprises. The unskilled and uneducated ones only work in informal sectors, such as, food sellers, porters, and house servants.

As the cities are highly populated, the daily need increase much. This condition motivates the growth of trade and new merchants. Live in a city is a competition. It is a hard life. Everyone must have a living to live.


For thousands of years, people have moved from one place to another. They have traveled on foot, on the back of animals, and in various mechanical vehicles. They have transported them selves and their goods on land, on the water through the air, under the ground, under water, and even into outer space. Whether carrying something on foot to a neighboring village or rocketing to the moon, people need transportation.

People have traveled and used transportation for a wide variety of reasons. The earliest and most basic reason was for survival. Primitive people hunted for their food. When food run out in a certain area, they picked up their belongings and moved to a location where food was plentiful. Survival also means moving to escape from danger, such as enemy attacks, floods and fires.

People used transportation in order to trade and do business with one another. Thousands of years ago in the Middle East, traders used camels to carry goods over long distance. Today, people still produce and transport goods to places where they will be sold.

People use transportation for purposes of communication. In ancient time people could not talk to some one without his presence. Sometimes he had to make a long journey to find somebody he wanted to talk. But now people can communicate with other without meeting them.


A bank is a place where where we can save our money. The bank uses the money to make loans and investment. It generally pays the depositors interest for the use of his funds. The bank doesn’t make money, it is the government that prints money.

The bank lends money to individual and to businesses. By lending local factories, the banks encourage industrial growth. In rural areas the bank lend farmers money to purchase property, equipment, fertilizer, and livestock.

Many kinds of institutions provide one more banking function. Saving banks accept deposits of the money from the people. They use these deposits to make loans and investment. In return, they pay the depositors interest on their money. The loan associations and loan companies lend money to individuals and to business. The borrowers repay the loans plus interest.

All national and most states banks are organized in the form of corporation. Stockholders own the bank. The funds from these people make up the bank capital stock. The stock holders elect a board of directors. The bank may have only one or many vice presidents. They assist the president and are usually in charge of particular departments. Those are saving, loans, investment, trust and so on. An accountants and bookkeepers maintain the bank’s financial ledgers. The bank tellers receive deposits, cash, checks, issue withdrawals, and accept payment to the bank.


Well, there is no fish for Arthur ata home tonight. Mrs. Harrison doesn’t have any food. Arthur isn’t happy. In fact, he is miserable. He is very hungry.

Near the library there is a restaurant. Arthur now is at a table in the restaurant. There is a white table cloth on the table. Arthur now has the menu. There are some good things on the menu. The stick is very good but it is also expensive. Arthur has only 2000 rupiahs.

Who are the people in the dark corner over there? They are Mary Stephens from the library and her friend.

Mary is a pretty girl. Her friend has a gold watch and she also has some money tonight. They have some good food on the table.

Arthur doesn’t have a gold watch. He has only a cheap watch. Arthur doesn’t have any good food because he doesn’t have any money.


Almost everyone uses postal service. Through it a woman or man can send and receive letter from city thousands of miles away. Boys and girls can send party invitations to friends a few block away. Stores and others business send bills and receive payments through the post office, people communicate with others near and far.

The postman’s day starts early in the morning when he reports to his post office. In the cities it may be a branch post office. He serves one or two of the city’s zones. Before he arrives, the officers have separated the mail in pails for each postal route. To sort mail, they must know the location of many towns and the fastest transportation connection for each. The officers may use different route for different letters going to the same town at different times.

Post office workers perform other tasks beside collecting, postmarking, transporting, and delivering the mail. Officers weight letters and packages to determine the postage. They also sell stamps, postcard and stamped envelopes. To individuals who want to send money safely through the mail may register it the item. This gives the patron a record of mailing and delivery of the item the provides insurance on it. If the sender only wants record of its mailing and he may arrange to use the certified mail service.

The mail with an incomplete address or an address that cant be read goes back to the sender. If there is no return address, the mail goes to the nearest deadfall office. There is the officer opens the mail to see it contains a due to the sender. This is the only time an office may open a letter.


Indonesian society consists of rural and urban society. Rural society lives in the village. They usually make their living by farming. Some make their living by working in home industries. –The home industriesusually have only small scales, so they don’t need many workers.

There are many kinds of jobs people can do in cities. The cities are the center of industries in the big scale. Most of government offices are also centered in city. Therefore, most people in the villages want to move to the cities.

The villagers move to the cities in great numbers to get jobs. Some get what they want but most of them don’t. those who has skills or good education can become government civil servants or employers of private enterprises. The unskilled and uneducated ones only work in informal sectors, such as, food sellers, porters, and house servants.

As the cities are highly populated, the daily need increase much. This condition motivates the growth of trade and new merchants. Live in a city is a competition. It is a hard life. Everyone must have a living to live.


For thousands of years, people have moved from one place to another. They have traveled on foot, on the back of animals, and in various mechanical vehicles. They have transported them selves and their goods on land, on the water through the air, under the ground, under water, and even into outer space. Whether carrying something on foot to a neighboring village or rocketing to the moon, people need transportation.

People have traveled and used transportation for a wide variety of reasons. The earliest and most basic reason was for survival. Primitive people hunted for their food. When food run out in a certain area, they picked up their belongings and moved to a location where food was plentiful. Survival also means moving to escape from danger, such as enemy attacks, floods and fires.

People used transportation in order to trade and do business with one another. Thousands of years ago in the Middle East, traders used camels to carry goods over long distance. Today, people still produce and transport goods to places where they will be sold.

People use transportation for purposes of communication. In ancient time people could not talk to some one without his presence. Sometimes he had to make a long journey to find somebody he wanted to talk. But now people can communicate with other without meeting them.

The forests in Indonesia contain many animals. Two of the most beautiful animals are leopards and panthers. They eat birds, lizards and other small animals. These animals can grow up to two meters long. We can still find elephants in our forests. Elephants are the biggest animals in the world today.

The famous animals from Sumatra and Kalimantan are orang utans. These animals can grow up to two meters tall. They have short legs and long arms. They eat vegetables and fruits.

River in Indonesia also contain interesting animals such as crocodiles and snakes. Some crocodiles can grow up to six meters long.

Sometimes crocodiles and snakes attack people. Their skin are very valuable and people make bags and belts for them.

There are some animals that people usually look after for hobby. They are birds, cocks, cats, horses, etc. people like them as pets not as breeding animals. Therefore, people do not need their meat or their eggs. People likes pets because they like their voice, their beauty or their funnies.

One of the pets is a bird. People usually like birds for their voice. Birds can be expensive because of their voice. The price of a bird can be five million rupiahs if it has a beautiful voice. If a bird has a good voice then it can be a champion of bird contest, the price of the bird can be more expensive.

It is not difficult to get birds. We can buy them in a pet shop. We can choose the birds as we want: pigeon, canary, parrot, cucak rowo, etc. we can also buy cages and food there. If you like birds you can go to the birds shop.

Sinta’s class is going to visit zoo next Saturday. In the town there is a big zoo with lots of animals. They live in strong cages. There are some beautiful and two old lions. Lion and tigers are fierce animals. They live in strong cages. They eat a lot of meat everyday.

There also two big old elephants. Sinta wants to ride on one of the elephants. They like children because they sometimes feed them bread and bananas. Elephants enjoy eating bananas.

In the zoo there are also brown bears, black bears and white bears. They often stand on their back legs, hold up their arms and ask for food. They really enjoy eating cakes. We can also see the monkeys. They are very funny to watch. They climb up the ropes and jump down again. They play with each other like small children. Monkeys love bananas, nuts and bread. Sinta is going to take a basket to the zoo with bread, cake, nuts, and big bunch of bananas.

Let us turn the map of Asia. We will find a group of islands. The islands lie to the south of Malaysia and form a link between Asia and Australia. These islands form the Indonesia archipelago.

The island of Borneo of Kalimantan is the largest and Bali is considered to be the most beautiful. Some of the islands are covered in dark; for these islands are in the middle of the tropic area. They have tropical climates because they lie on the equator.

Many parts of Indonesia are mountainous. Mount Kerinci is the highest. Many Indonesian volcanoes are still active. It is land full of paddies and foliage. The mountains, rivers, and rice fields make Indonesia very beautiful.

There are two seasons in Indonesia ; the dry season and rainy season. The dry season lasts from may to October. The wet season is from November to April.

We are proud to be Indonesian citizens. Our national anthem “ Indonesia Raya “, which was composed by Wage Rudolf Supratman, describes the glory of Indonesia. The beauty of Indonesia is very famous throughout the world and is one of the reasons why Indonesia is referred to as “ The String of Emeralds on the Equator”

Indonesian dancing is famous throughout the world. Although there are many different types of dances in Indonesia, there are many things which they all have in common.

First of all, the dancers usually move toward the ground and not away from it. In many Indonesian dances, the dancers sit or kneel on the ground. When they are standing up, they often lower their knee towards the ground. They never move towards or jump into the air. As is common in dances from other countries.

Secondly, the dancers move slowly with short, careful steps. There is no little running, hopping or skipping, except in some of the male battle dances from south Nias.

Thirdly, the dancers do not turn around in a full circle when they dance, as we commonly find in some traditional dances from India.

Fourthly, the hands are very important. The positions and movement of the hands and fingers are always very smooth and graceful.

Fifthly, there are several movements in many Indonesian dances which imitate animal movements, such as the movements of birds, deer and even monkeys.

Sixthly, the speed or tempo of Indonesian dances is usually slow. In Bali, however, there are dances which have very quick movements, such as the “Legong”

There are many different kinds of films. For example, there are films which you make by your self, with a VCR ( video Camera Recorder ) ; when your family has a party or your sister is frightened by a mouse in the kitchen! This can be very amusing. The real films however, are generally much better.

Teenage boys usually like action film such as Westerns ( full of goodies and baddies and plenty of adventure) or science – fiction films ( full of mystery and imagination ). Teenage girls prefer musical or romantic films; they like a film with a story that will make them cry! However everybody loves a comedy film or cartoons. On the days when these films are showing at a local cinema, they are always long queues outside. Horror and detective films are usually for older people. The films can be very frightening.

People are interested in films for various reasons. Some people are interested in the stories of the films while others are just interested in the film – stars.

At he moment people can see films on TV or at the movies. There are a lots of good film on TV, so some people do not need to go to the movies. One disadvantage of seeing a film at the movies is you have to spend some money to buy the tickets!

90. I was almost an Olympic champion

My name is Rano. I had the honour ( kehormatan ) to represent Indonesia in the Olympics. This was my chance to become world famous. I was in the final. I was playing against Korean champion. One of us would be a winner and the other would be the runner-up. I knew I would be the next badminton Olympic champion. We were in the changing rooms. It was before the event and I said to my Korean opponent, “ You are looking at an Olympic winner. Im going to win the gold medal”. The Korean didn’t say anything. He just looked at me and smiled. I found out later that he couldn’t speak any English.

We were out on the court. I won the first set 15-12. it was a hard set to win. The Korean was serving. I returned the serve and his next shot hit the net. Now it was my chance to end the game. I got ready to serve. I could hear somebody calling my name. it was my mother. Why was she shouting at me during the Olympic championship ?

“Anto, Anto, get up. You will be late for school.”

“ What do you mean – late for school ? Im playing badminton in the Olympics.”

“ You’re dreaming, wake up ! wake up ! What a sleepy boy !”

She was right. I had been dreaming. What a dream!

The Gunung Leuser National Park covers 8000 square kilometers. It is the largest national park in Southeast Asia and is the most important nature reserve in Indonesia. It consists mainly of brush, forest and jungle. It is situated in North Sumatra , Northwest of Medan, and is part of Bukit Barisan range of mountains. It gets its name from Gunung Leuser, the highest mountain in the BUkit Barisan range.

It is famous for its orchids (anggrek)and for its beautiful trees. It has a varied wildlife including elephants, tigers, monkeys, deers, and Malayan sun bears (Beruang Madu). Its birdlife includes different kinds of hornbills and the argus pheasant.

The Gunung Leuser National Park is famous internationally because of the Orang –utan Rehabitation Center near Bukitlawang. This has become a favourite place for many Indonesian visitors as well as thousands of foreign visitors every year. So, you see, saving the environment is good for business.

91. Rafflesia Arnoldi

The fast archipelago and the great number of islands has made Indonesia the name of a large variety of plants. The Indonesian flora ranges the tiny orchid to the giant rafflesia plant. No wonder many botanist are curious to study these plants.

Rafflesia Arnoldi is the biggest flower in the world. It is unusual because its large size. It has a flower almost a metre in diameter and 1.40 metres in height.

“Rafflesia” is derived from the name of the British Governor General, Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles, who once governed and built the Botanical Gardens in Bogor. Thought it is called Rafflesia after Raffles, theman who discovered the plant was Beccary, an Italian botanist who visited Sumatra in 1928.

Rafflesia consists of two parts : the stick-like part which grows in the middle and the petals around and below it. Rafflesia begins to flower in its tenth year. It blooms three or four times a year. Before it begins to flower, the leaves and the stem become dry and look a head, but the main root in the ground is still alive.

While the flower is blossoming, it has a very unpleasant smell which attracts insects, especially green flies. They seem eager to explore the flower. But when the flies touch the bottom part of the stick, as the centre of the flower, they die.

92. Insect

Insect are small creatures. They have no bones, but have six legs. Insects live everywhere, in the house, in our gardens, in the fields and in many other places. Insects are not always bad as sometimes people think. Bad insects are for instance flies, cockroaches, and mosquitoes. Such insects are not only bad but sometimes also dangerous. Flies like to live on rubbish and other dirty places. They may cause disease such as thypus, cholera, etc. A certain type of mosquito brings malaria.

Some insects are very useful to people. For example, bees which produce honey. Bees like to fly from one flower to other flowers. When a bee moves from one flower, to other flowers, this may cause the flowers produce seeds.

Bees are not usually dangerous, except you make them angry. If you disturb bees they will be angry. And if they are angry, they will fly to attack you where ever you go. This is very dangerous.

Marjohan, UNP

Marjohan, UNP

Emi Surya Joe

Emi Surya Joe

Sylvia Charisma Rostika (Rostian Kasmiati)

Sylvia Charisma Rostika (Rostian Kasmiati)

Marjohan Usman

Marjohan Usman
a day before graduation day

Marjohan, SMPN 1 Payakumbuh 1980

Marjohan, SMPN 1 Payakumbuh 1980

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